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An infotainment program on Sunday afternoon with EBS’ own Asfaw Meshesha ,Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay & Tinsae Berhane . 


Urban fast bus transport corridors to be implemented in the capital have been announced


⚡️Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a modern transportation system that is being implemented in different parts of the world and in Addis Ababa, 15 BRT corridors have been identified and placed on the master plan to provide mass transportation services and systems.


These are:

1. BRT-B1: Departing from Wingate and taking turn 3 at Dutch Embassy, ​​Alert Air Health

2. BRT-B2: From Wingate to Mercato Mexico- Gofa to Jemo

3. BRT-B3: From Gulele to Leghar Gofa Gabriel and Hana Maryam.

4. BRT-B4:- Shromeda which takes Kotebe Karalo at four kilometers

5. BRT-B5: From the intersection to Bole Bridge

6. BRT-B6:- From the army in Kera Bole Bridge

7. BRT-B7: Built by Air Health Total, Gabriel at Pushkin Square, Mexico

8. BRT-B8: From Bole to Urail Kazanchis in four kilos and six kilos to France.

9. BRT-B9: From Air Health by Mechanisa Counter to Kaliti

10. BRT-B10: From Kaliti Bole

11. BRT-B11: From Karalo at CMC Summit to Bole Mi IT Park Ka Bole Arabsa to Ayat.

12. BRT-B12: From Ayat in Summit to Bole Weregenu to Kilinto

13. BRT-B13:- From Bulbula, by Klinto Koye

14. BRT-B14: I removed the belt with a knife

15. BRT-B15: From Imperial Hotel, Gorabo Bole Arabsa.


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