Danayit Mekbib mesmerizing pictures of the day


Danayit Mekbib mesmerizing pictures of the day.

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"Today, we welcomed our guests to the 17th International Internet Management Conference, which started in Addis Ababa.


Our capital has been able to become the pride and glory of Africans, welcoming and hosting many international events and conferences and symposiums to its guests who come from all over the world in Ethiopian culture.


The main agenda of this conference will be the global Internet management issue, as it is the primary agenda of our city, especially in our efforts to make Addis Ababa a smart city.

All the participants of the conference, even our guests, came to our city safely!

I wish you a pleasant stay.


May the creator bless Ethiopia and its people!


"This evening, we expressed our best wishes for our brave athletes to make their trip to Valencia, Spain for the marathon competition, so that they can raise Ethiopia again in the world and achieve great results.


As promised, today we handed over a map to our heroes who won the World Athletics Championships in Oregon.

We believe that the prize and the love and support of our people for the sport will be a moral support for you to score more victories and results!!


May the creator bless Ethiopia and its people!


Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe


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