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The first private mobile money transfer company in Ethiopia completed its trial period and went into operation



Kacha has completed its trial implementation phase of its digital financial service and held an official launch event.


Payment processing, income and expenditure, digital loans and insurance are some of the services offered by Kacha Digital Finance.


Minister of State for Innovation and Technology Huria Ali said that the launch of Kacha Digital Financial Services will play a significant role in our efforts to provide inclusive financial services.


The fact that Kacha's digital financial service is self-sufficient is a demonstration of the effort being made to facilitate innovation and technology transfer at the country's international level, said the Minister of State. He said that by expanding digital financial services, it will enable Ethiopians living in cities and rural areas to be included.


Chairman of the Board of Kacha Digital Finance Service Stock Association Mr. Teshome Yeine said that we will do our part to make our country's digital finance system up-to-date by considering the financial inclusion of the society.


According to the information we received from the Minister of Innovation and Technology, Mrs. Marta Hailemariam, Adviser to the Deputy Governor of the National Bank, said that the launch of Kacha's digital financial service is an indication that Ethiopia's financial sector is in healthy competition.



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