Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 75 on Kana Television


Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 75 on Kana Television.

The condominiums built at a low cost will be completed and handed over to users tomorrow


New Media Network (AMN) August 30/2022


The Addis Ababa branch office of the Prosperity Party has announced that the condominiums built at a low cost will be inaugurated and handed over to the users tomorrow.


The head of the Prosperity Party's Addis Ababa branch office, Mr. Ladso Alemu, said that the information we received from the office indicates that these condominiums, which were built at a low cost in the last 60/90 days in Lafto sub-district with special support, will be completed tomorrow and will be handed over to about 70 low-income households. .


These three blocks of G+1 condominiums have been completed, each with one bedroom, a public library, and communal cooking areas.


In the past 60/90 days of people-oriented works, the acceleration and completion of projects that have been delayed for various reasons with the support of the senior leaders of the Prosperity Party in the city, and the inauguration of new ones by starting them with new energy and completing them in a short time, has been and is still being done in various sub-cities.


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