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He said that the Office of Work Skills and Technology Development of Dredawa administration will focus on five main issues including job creation in the new fiscal year.


The office held discussions with employees and stakeholders on the 2015 fiscal year plan.


During the discussion, the strengths and weaknesses of the office's work performance in the fiscal year that ended were analyzed and presented, and good opportunities were also explored. In particular, the results recorded by the office in each sector, including job creation, implementation of the safety net program, activity of the center of excellence, employment in foreign countries, have been shown to be encouraging.


In his explanation given by the Head of Work Skills and Technology Development Office of the Dredawa Administration, Mr. Robel Getachew, he noted that the progress made by the Office in terms of executing its mission in the completed fiscal year and the results recorded are encouraging and announced that a plan has been planned in a studied and strategic way for the new fiscal year.


He stated that attention will be given to five main issues, namely, job creation, technical and vocational sector, center of excellence (COC), employment and employee safety, as well as capacity building and human resources.


According to this, there is a plan to register 17,000 unemployed people through job creation, of which 13,142 permanent and 3,289 temporary jobs will be created.


He explained that by continuing the existing number of 2345 regular trainees in the technical and vocational education and training sector, it is planned to accept and train 4992 new regular trainees and to provide short trainings to 5768 citizens.


In the 2015 fiscal year, the Center of Excellence (COC) plans to conduct 3,500 job evaluations, 4,997 formal training and 3,459 short-term training, and 384 organizations to monitor the working conditions of employees, the head of the office explained.


Above all, it is necessary to have qualified human resources who will accept and carry out the plans for the new fiscal year in the office, so attention will be paid to capacity building and complementing human resources, Mr. Robel added.

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