Besintu Eisode 3 "Fikir Sikezekiz"


This sitcom has a different perspective; It is a comedy that shows the relationships of a family with different personalities and ages from the perspective of their daily life.

"Our mother has worked hard to bring us to the tradition. I am very happy that she is able to do this today."


- Young Micah believes


#Ethiopia "Our mother educated us in Feta and gave us a title. Today, I am very happy that she has qualified for this, and I have come to graduate her," said Mikias Yemane, a young man who came to graduate his mother.


Young Mikias Yemane's biological mother, Mrs. Mehret Woldemaryam, graduated in accounting.


Addis Ababa Technical and Vocational Education and Training has trained 6 thousand 244 trainees in various vocational fields at the Millennium Hall today.


The young Mikias Yemane, who came to graduate his mother, who is one of the graduates, believes that our mother has taught us through many hardships and hardships. "I'm very happy that she, in turn, has been able to do this and to be a part of this joy and to see my mother's happiness," he told Ipod.


As young Mikias explained to EPD, our mother divorced us for the sake of tradition and I have come to graduate her in turn.


Young Mikias, who said that I learned from my mother that education does not limit age, told us that my mother's strength, resilience and reaching this level will be a great source for him in his future life and he has learned a lot from her.


Other mothers need to overcome the idea that it is enough if we only teach our children by learning from my mother; Because they have the chance to start anew after everything is over, says young Mikiase.


Young Mikias, who says that there is no age to learn, can learn and serve themselves and their country by understanding that our mothers can make a big difference.


Today's graduate and the mother of young Mikias Yemane, Mrs. Mehret Woldemaryam, graduated from Addis Ababa Polytechnic College with a degree in accounting. But they say that the fact that I gave birth to three children and ended up going without a father for a tradition and seeing my grandchildren did not stop them from reaching the present day.


Mrs. Mehret said that a person reaches a great level when he learns, and said that he wants other mothers who have the ability to stay at home to learn from me and reach a great level.


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