The man who has famous athlete Haile is having a hard time


Last week Seifu introduced this young man to Haile Gebresillasie, famous Ethiopian long distance runner, after his photo circulated on social medias yo get more attention.

The city administration has officially launched its fourth green fingerprint program today !!


Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebe, FDRE Minister of Agriculture Omar Hussein, FDRE Minister of Women, Children and Social Affairs Dr. Erguage Tesfaye; Also present were senior federal and Addis Ababa city administration officials, civic and association representatives, religious leaders, and other federal and city government officials, patriotic artists and students.


Speaking on the launch of Green Green Ashara, Mayor Adanech said the green fingerprint program, launched four years ago under the initiative of Prime Minister Dr. Abi Ahmed, is achieving multi-sectoral results at the national and urban levels.


"We will continue to work together to ensure the overall prosperity of our country," he said.


"As a single-minded counselor, we will be able to build a better nation for all generations by continuing to dry up our problems and strengthen our growth and development," he said.


"As long as we don't stop eating, we will not stop planting and working," said Mayor Adanech.


"Apart from planting, caring should be the responsibility of all the residents of our city," she said

"Ethiopia is enough for all of us. Let's cultivate our environment, beautify our city, plant seedlings, and realize our great vision of prosperity together,"


Finally, Mayor Adanech said it is part of building a generation that works, talks, develops, pushes, hates, loves and kills.


According to Agriculture Minister Omar Hussein, Ethiopians have been able to make their mark in the country following the Renaissance Dam.


For his part, Addis Ababa City has become an internationally recognized city in a short period of time by implementing urban agriculture, he said.


He said the city administration's efforts to build a student and poor feeding center should be supported so that it does not exclude the low-income residents of Addis Ababa.

He said the federal government will fully support Addis Ababa's multi-sectoral development and beautification activities.

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