Divine show with Sofonias


Divine show with pastor Sofonias Molalegn.

A little about our 116-year-old defense force



The 116th Armed Forces Day is being celebrated nationwide. As we say goodbye, we will examine the rank and meaning of the ranks of our defense forces so that the law that governs our defense forces and the old ones for reference, and the current ones for our understanding.


The basic purpose of our defense forces is to uphold the sovereignty of our country as stated in the introduction of the Federal Defense Forces Proclamation No. 1100/2011.


It is stated in the introduction of the declaration that the structure includes the balanced contribution of nationalities and peoples and is organized free from the bias of political organizations.


Our defense forces include the various branches of the military and are primarily organized into land forces, air forces, naval forces and special operations forces, and may include space and cyber forces as needed.


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