Ekram automotive show on maraki weg


ekram ikram automotive show on maraki weg #ikram#gizachewashagrie#marakiweg

Guzo visited ekram automotive show. 

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Starting from April 16, fuel trading will be compulsorily implemented through "Telebr" throughout Addis Ababa, the Addis Ababa Transport Office has announced.


What are the points you need to know about "Telebr" gas charging vehicles?


☞ To be a "Telebr" user first;

☞ Ensuring that there is sufficient payment in the Telebr account;

☞ Remembering your "Telebr" password and keeping it properly;


What is the distribution situation like?


‣ When the gas station staff have finished filling in the user's phone number and the amount to be paid, a short message will appear on your phone asking you to enter your password;


‣ Next, before entering your password, check that the amount saved in the message you received is correct; After confirmation, enter your password.


‣ Finally, after the payment is made, you will receive the short message number of the payment confirmation immediately.


Addis Ababa Transport Office; Since the transaction of vehicle fuel will be done only through "Tele Birr" starting from April 16/2015, he has called on all drivers to make the necessary arrangements to avoid exaggeration.


Source: Addis Ababa Transport Office

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