She found out that her fiancé married to her best friend


This is the story Ethiopian girl who returned from abroad. 

Be patient with the media leader


#Ethiopia It is known that Popular Media and Communication has been researching their life stories while looking for those who contributed to the development of media. Documenting the history of a media person is like preserving the history of a country, so we will continue to strengthen this work.


A media stand-up has a top-down leadership and professional role. It is known that Popular Media and Communication last July 30, 2014 published and graduated the story of 180 people who have made a mark in the media under the title "Dictionary of Mind".


Now in Volume 2, we will see people who have made a significant mark under the title of "Literature and Media Marks". Mr. Fseha Yitagesu, the executive of ABC, who has brought change in the media sector in a short period of time and is being praised by many, has shown his hard work.


It should be said that he has done a little, be encouraged, he saw the beginning and it is important to stand in the gap.


We express our gratitude by bringing in media leaders who have made a significant impact. So far, 16 Ethiopian media leaders have volunteered to give their stories, and one of them is ABC CEO Ato Fseha Yetagesu. Ato Fseha Ye Tagesu is currently a 36-year-old young married man with 2 children.


We are grateful to Mr. Fseha Yitagesu for willingly sharing his work history with us. Ezra spoke to many people and said here is Mr. Fisahan's story.


         Birth and education


The CEO of ABC Mr. Fseha Yitagesu is a young leader who celebrated his 36th birthday last July 3, 2015. Ato Fsha Yitagesu, the young leader born in 1979, the season when Ethiopian television began to show in color, joined the leadership in October 2014, when ETV celebrated its 57th anniversary.


He was born in RC Negele and he attended primary and secondary school in the same RC and completed his 12th grade at Hailemariam Mamo High School in Debrebrahan. Ato Fisha was very passionate in his childhood and as a result he was one of the best achievers.


     2 degrees, 2 Masters and a Ph.D


In 1998, he went to the University of Gondar and obtained his first degree in psychology, and with his great thirst for knowledge, he was able to obtain a further degree in economics from Addis Ababa University. Ato Fseha Yi Tagesu Social, who believes that it is fundamental to constantly improve oneself through knowledge, who believes in learning, has a master's degree in psychology. He also managed to get another master's degree in development economics. He is currently pursuing his PhD in England and will receive his PhD in September 2016.


  Ato Fisha in Insa


     The day after his 22nd birthday, Ato Fsha Yitagesu completed his studies at the University of Gondar and joined the Information Network Security Agency in September 2002. He was working as a data analyst or analysis expert in Insam.

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