Brilliant Dr Abiy Daughter


Brilliant Dr Abiy daughter.

The Ministry of Agriculture announced that the procurement of soil fertilizer has already started by taking lessons from the previous problems



The Ministry of Agriculture has announced that the purchase of soil fertilizer has already started for the 2016/17 year by taking lessons from the problems encountered in the past.


The Minister Dr. Girma Amente said that the complete purchase of NPS fertilizer required for the year has been completed.


It has also been suggested that the purchase of urea fertilizer will be done after the research has identified the period when the price of fertilizer will decrease.


By revising procurement guidelines and processes that have been in place for 20 years; He stated that it has been made possible to buy fertilizer directly from international production companies.


He also pointed out that it is planned to buy 23 million quintals of fertilizer for irrigation and harvest in 2016/17.


The minister mentioned that 13 million quintals of fertilizer have been purchased so far. He said that the first ship that loaded the fertilizer will arrive at the port of Djibouti after ten days.


The Minister mentioned that operations have been started to prevent the Grisa bird which has occurred in various areas.


Due to rainfall interruption in some areas; They said that there is a risk of crops being out of production.


He said that he will start work to compensate the damage in these areas by irrigation.


In this year's irrigation work, 3 million hectares are covered with wheat and it is planned to produce 117 million quintals, the minister said.


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