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I entered Gurage Mafed for the cross. Today is the big day.


(Traveling journalist Enoch Seum traveled to the village of Sil Gurages. It is Mafed to celebrate the cross. The villages have become a nation. He shares the atmosphere like this.)


(Enoch Sum ~Dre Tube)

I am the land of Gurages. The road is so crowded that I feel like the world has come with me. I was with them when they all had their hearts stopped.

The cross is a great festival. The beauty of September, where the change of time breaks. It is good to say that I know my country who has not seen the land of Gurgaon once in his life either for a cross or for a bubble. This is a world that the world has not seen.

I have reached Mafed. Today is September 15. The chief feast of the cross and the day of slaughter. The baru village welcomed me to come with soil.


The villages became the nation. Animor is bright. And it's like that everywhere. If I had not been one person, I would have entered hell, if it was possible to be in two places, I would have found Damu Janat.


Being here, I want to be an Ener without getting enough of this. I wonder what Izaa will look like, how bright Cheha will be.


As a guest of the good man, Yeda Shigumo Bilo, I was welcomed by the Cabbage Plucking Ceremony in the evening. And today is the cross.


The villages are also beautiful. Imagine being terrorized by the flag of the motherland. Gurage puts country and work first. His heart was never divided between the two. A village like Ethiopia is happy.


I started the day on a special note with bula fritters served in the morning with coffee and butter. I travel around the villages. I see everything. It is difficult to express the joy and emotion of the home and family that welcomed me when I came to show you what I saw to be a witness when the cross shines.


The ceremony began with an inauguration. Slaughter at Gurage Cross is solidarity. Cooperation and solidarity are seen with strong solidarity.

Only one thing is easier. Today this earth is a bride. Today this earth is colorful. Even today, it is not just that I came. Think about coming back. I have more to tell you.


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