Interview with comedian Thomas Torpa


Interview with comedian Thomas torpa. 

The airline is going to buy more new planes



Ethiopian Airlines, which recently signed an agreement to buy 84 planes, said it is in the process of buying more new planes soon.


According to Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfan Tse; He said that the agreement for the purchase of aircraft has been made with the aim of realizing the vision set by the airline.


Ethiopian Airlines recently recalled that an agreement was made to purchase a total of 84 passenger planes from Boeing and Airbus.


He further stated that it is planned to make similar aircraft orders based on research.


ESA reports that it is planned to use these planes, which can carry 100 passengers, for domestic and neighboring countries.


The CEO said that the giant Ethiopian Airlines is working to become one of the 20 best airlines in the world following rapid growth.


It has been stated that the airline is working to raise its annual revenue to 25 billion dollars by 2035 and carry 67 million passengers a year.

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