I am single but not available


I am single but not available.


Mr. Bereket Kebede, who has been in business in South Africa for the past 20 years, and his family inaugurated the AG Grace business center (building) on ​​the 23rd floor of the health center in Addis Ababa, with an investment of 1.1 billion birr.


Mr. Bereket Kebede and his wife Mrs. Thitna Gedafu built a multi-purpose building for business, offices, training centers, halls, apartments, and various services.


 At the graduation ceremony that took place today, September 5, 2016 AD, religious leaders, elders, monks, nuns, members of the business community and invited guests, including Mr. Alemayehu Mijena, advisor to the mayor of Addis Ababa, were present.


Who is Ato Bereket?


Ato Bereket Kebede was born in Gurage Zone and he went to Addis Ababa to study with his aunt because his family could not afford to teach. Satisfied with their studies in Addis Ababa, they started a business when they were young. About 20 years ago, they decided to migrate as an option, after they stopped spinning lemons and festals and worked in different places in Khad Thar and other places. They entered South Africa through Kenya and crossed Zimbabwe, but they started working there by selling belts and other goods. Then, together with a friend, they started buying goods in bulk from Chinese companies and distributing them. It can be said that this job was their fate and destiny.


Now, their company called "BT Trading" in South Africa has 12 branches and has created job opportunities for more than 120 Ethiopians. His company also owns private buildings in South Africa.


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