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He observed that solar energy should be used to make health services safe in developing countries


Experts said that solar energy has a significant contribution to making health services safe and saving lives in developing countries.


All health facilities in developing countries could be powered by solar energy at a cost of less than $5 billion within five years, experts argued at Cop28.


The experts, who presented their arguments at the climate change conference to be held next month, pointed out that the service will help to avoid the danger to life due to power outages.


"I want the international community to set a deadline and provide funding for all health facilities to be electrified," said Salvatore Vinci, WHO's sustainable energy advisor and member of the Cop28 delegation.


We now have solutions that did not exist 10 years ago, said Vinci. They said that there is no reason for children to die because there is no electricity today.


He added that this is like a low-hanging fruit and there will be nothing stopping us from making it a reality.


According to the World Health Organization's report titled Energizing Health, Accelerating Access to Electricity, written by Vinci and published last January, approximately 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to care with reliable electricity in health facilities.


The figure also includes 433 million institutions in low-income countries that rely on facilities that have no access to electricity, the Guardian reported.

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