EBS journalist Loyal and Asfaw new baby


Asfaw and Liya are blessed with a boy according to this report. We wish them all the love and blessings.

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"Ethiopia is our country that won by signing the peace agreement!"


~ President Sahle Work Zewde


#Ethiopia President Sahle Work Zewde said that Ethiopia is the country that won by signing the peace agreement.


In her message regarding the signing of the peace agreement between the government and the TPLF, the president said that the peace agreement is "very good news for the great country of Ethiopia and its people."


“We have suffered a lot in the last two years. We have lost many people," said President Sahle Work, adding, "What happened in this land should not have happened and what happened to this great nation is undeserved."


He stated that they understand that implementing an agreement, canceling wounds, rebuilding, rehabilitating the injured, etc. is not an easy task.


In order to do this, he said, we should wear respect, compassion, listening and respect.


We do this together with the men and women of this country. "We have repeatedly seen that women are not only the victims of war, but also the ones who ask the right questions and come up with solutions," said the president.


He said that they will record their sacrifices in history at a higher level than our gratitude to the members of our defense forces, our security forces and our citizens who lost their lives and were wounded to protect the unity and peace of our country.


The Special Envoy of the African Union thanked former President Olisegun Obasanjo, former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and former South African Vice President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka for their tireless efforts.


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