Ebs journalists expressed their condolences


Ebs journalists expressed their condolences.

The natural paradise of the earth - spring lake



She is a pure gift of nature to us, the Creator. The locals have been taking care of this wonderful natural bounty for centuries.


The residents of the area have kept the area clean and kept it clean for a long time. Despite its exotic natural attractions, this welcoming culture of the locals keeps visitors frequenting the area.


With this, this wonderful natural beauty of ours was selected as the best tourist village of the year in 2021 at the 24th General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization held in Madrid, Spain, competing with 174 tourist villages from 75 countries.


Wonchi Lake is a very beautiful natural attraction located in Wonchi District, South West Showa Zone of Oromia Region, 150 kilometers from Addis Ababa.


The lake was created by a volcanic eruption (crater lake), located on a mountain 3 thousand 380 meters high. It is a wonderful place with a beautiful lake, hot water, natural forest and rare birds.



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