He Hasn’t Slept Since 1962 (Doctors Don’t Know Why)


MEET THE SLEEPLESS MAN OF VIETNAM (Yes, it's true!!) This is one of the most surreal stories I’ve ever told you in my 7-year career as a YouTuber, and I can’t wait for you to watch it!

I first heard about Mr. Thai Ngoc many years ago, and I never knew it would be possible to find him because his location has never been revealed.

Mr. Ngoc claims that he hasn’t slept a wink since 1962 (the year my dad was born) - seriously! Some people think it could be PTSD from the war, while others believe that he has an extremely rare medical condition. Whatever the case is, I traveled 2 days from Arizona to a small village in South Vietnam to track him down, stay up all night with him, and see if it was actually true that he doesn’t sleep.

What I discovered is astonishing. Comment below your thoughts if you think it's true or false, based on my experience. I'd love to hear from you!

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