Ebs journalist Kalkidan birthday celebration


Ebs journalist Kalkidan birthday celebration.

Oda Award


 ???? He is going to reward East African artists!


#Ethiopia The 7th Oda Award will be held on December 11, 2016.


It is said that the "Oda Award", which compares experts in various art works, will hold its seventh round of the award program this year on December 11.


In addition to the Amharic language, the award program, which was started to encourage artistic works made in other languages ​​in our country, will be held on December 11/2016 at Skylight Hotel, the organizer Shatu Tolmariam Multimedia announced.


He stated that this award program, which is done in collaboration with the Minister of Culture and Sports, will also involve East African countries for the first time.


Among the 15 countries in East Africa, 8 countries including Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya are said to participate.


In the award ceremony held in the last six years, 300 professionals in more than 20 fields were given recognition certificates and trophies.


This is said to have been able to bring out high quality art works by creating a great excitement.


It has been stated that the seventh round award will be judged by teachers from higher education institutions who have extensive experience in art research.


It is said that the seventh Oda Award ceremony to be held on December 11 will award contestants in the fields of music, books and lifetime awards.


The 7th Oda Award categories include Lifetime Achievement Award


in music

1. The best album of the year

2. The best single of the year

3. The best video clip of the year

4. The best music studio of the year

5. The best new vocalist of the year

6. The best female singer of the year

7. Best music combination of the year

8. The best modern music of the year

9. The best influential artist of the year


In the book sector


The best fiction book of the year

It will include categories such as the best poetry book of the year.


It has been stated that the candidate works for this year's award will only be made from September 1st to August 6th, 2015. The judges will jointly formulate their own criteria and give each work a score of 7A.


It has been announced that the works that have obtained the best score in this way will be open to the public for the next fifteen days from today, so that they can vote for the final public judging by sending a short text message to 8222.

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