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"Honesty is proud, praiseworthy, and glorious!" - Mayor Adane Abebe



The Addis Ababa Revenue Bureau's program of recognition and awarding of high tax payers was held at the mayor's office under the guiding principle of "Tax for the country's honor" to increase revenue collection.


In the program, the taxpayers who faithfully fulfilled their tax obligations in the 2015 tax year were recognized and rewarded in the presence of senior government officials including Mayor Adanech Abebe.


At the same time, Mayor Adane; Loyal taxpayers, you should be proud to be the footprints of the capital; They said that loyalty is rewarded, proud and praised.


In a brief period of change, Mayor Adan said that many mega projects have been built so that our city can continue to be a beautiful flower and comfortable for its residents. They said that we are working hard so that our city can achieve the growth it deserves with the income collected from honest tax payers.


He also stated that low-income residents are being supported by the income collected from honest tax payers.


The mayor who said that there are honest tax payers and those who hide taxes will not disappear; He stressed that those who make unpaid payments and participate in theft and corrupt practices should be jointly protected.


The mayor said that tax evasion is like stealing from mother's purse, EPD reported.

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