Ambar drama part 5


Ambar drama episode 5.

Investors have supported more than 328 million birr for the central region of Ethiopia


Investors contributed 328 million 478 thousand birr to the program for the central Ethiopian region.


The head of the state, Mr. Ashashaw, violated it. Investors thanked those who supported them, saying that their commitment and solidarity for the integration and unity of the society is more significant than the financial support they provide for the universal development.


The head of government explained that the region will work with special attention to ensure that all Ethiopians live equally and all ideas are addressed.


Ato Asshaw said that we will work together to make our country Ethiopia great. They conveyed their message saying that we ask you to be by our side and help us in these changes.


According to the communication data of the region, 328 million 478 thousand Birr was collected from investors, zones and special districts in the region's revenue collection held at Addis Ababa Sky Hotel today.


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