An interview with the father who lost his daughter and son


This interview was leaked by Eyoha entertainment after the incident happened. Both families are workers of bank who trusted their daughter and son yo a maid.


Harbi Buh, Mayor of Dredawa and Head of Trade Industry and Investment Office, toured and visited various development projects.


His Excellency Ato Harbi Buh said that among the projects of his visit, three kilometers from the asphalt bend in Wahil Jello, Lina Adiga, Felema, Gende Rige to the dry port road, the Melka Jibdu road is located, and the total 18.78 km road connecting to the dry port has reached 22%, and in 2015, the federal government Mr. Harbi stated that the budgeted Melka Road will be completed by June 20/2015.


In addition, the official explained that a committee has been formed to solve the problems of 10.5 km through the Dredawa food complex, and the works are being evaluated every week and solutions are being provided.

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