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Health benefits of eating avocado


Today we will talk about the health benefits of avocado, which has gained popularity among many.


Avocado is the world's favorite fruit due to its high vitamin and mineral content, fiber content and very low fat content.


1. Avocado has no equal in lowering the amount of cholesterol in our body.


Avocados contain high levels of fatty acids that help lower cholesterol levels in the body.


On the other hand, it increases the amount of cholesterol that is good for our body;


2. The vitamin E contained in avocado greatly reduces the risk of heart disease/stroke.


3. They help to prevent aging and preserve the beauty of the skin.


While the high levels of antioxidants in avocados help prevent wrinkles and replace dead skin cells, carotenoids

But it prevents signs that appear on the skin and reduce the beauty of the skin.


4. It is perfect for losing weight.


As avocado is classified as one of the types of food that we call warming food, it gives us the opportunity to make enough time difference between our meals; By doing this, we do not feel hungry too soon and it allows us to reduce our food consumption and weight.


5. It is preferred for diabetics, the good amount of potassium in avocado balances the glucose level in our blood and allows the heart and sugar level to be stable in the body.


6. It is important for the health of the unborn child (fetus).


Avocado is a good source of vitamins A, B complex, C, E, H, K and folic acid. It also contains elements such as magnesium, copper, iron, calcium and potassium, which are very important for the development of the fetus. Studies show that people who eat avocados regularly have smoother skin and hair, better body odor, and better mental development than those who don't.


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