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Closing message from Shepherd!!!


It's strange that he always sends me a curse when I feel weak. When you were about to receive my verbal consecration, Merkuz Argo brought you. Have you heard of the graduation ceremony in my words? "Knowledge flows like a fountain, flows down like a stream and reaches the whole world." May the blessing reach you. Amen. Oh boy, yes.


Mom shall we go back? are you tired

Look, my son, there is no turning back. Looking back is to know how far I have come from the beginning, to give me hope to move forward. There is no going back.


I have seen a lot of suffering, my son has tested me with a lot of suffering and pain; At that time, I was left at home with no energy after the miscarriage.


She saw that a man was revealing his scratch scar, stabbing another person's wound, and seeing that it was divided enough, that the wound should not lead to the other person's death, but should be for reconciliation and forgiveness. She tied everything together saying there is no going back, my daughter led him forward. She paid the price for what she loved and believed in. She paid the price, but I stayed at home to avoid wasting the price she paid. But don't lose a generation, don't lose hope, this is you who came to me and you took me away with you.


It is hope that keeps me strong today.


My child, I have heard that you have lost your mother at this age, but my child, looking back is to know how much you have left behind, not to go back; No, my son.


We still have a long way to go than we have come.


What is being graduated now?

He said that today they are graduating by making clay.

The buffalo have done well, but the human being is not like clay from the soil. All human beings are from dust to dust.


From soil to soil!!!


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