Artist Tamirat Desta son Dagmawi speaks about his father


Much loved late artist Tamirat Desta son, who now released his second single video music, speaks about his amazing father Tamirat Desta.

Wolaita: The second round of referendum election


#Ethiopia The second round of referendum election is being held in Walyta Zone.


At various polling stations in the zone, residents have started voting in line-up since 12:00 am.


There are 1 thousand 812 polling stations in the 12 temporary election coordination centers of the zone.


In 192 polling stations in Wolaita Sodo, the people are voting peacefully.


This referendum election was held on January 29, 2015. It was held in six zones and 5 special districts to form one region together, but it was canceled due to the violations of the law in the Walayta zone and is being held again.

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