Nazrawit Tesfaye - Story


Nazrawit Tesfaye - Story

"Sometimes . . . is enough" and "We'd better go."




I don't know why I feel sad for this girl. It is not the death itself that grieves me, but the constants behind the death, which the passing of the death lacks. I don't think there is anything that this little girl was close to on this earth and that she regrets her passing. It is possible to arrange the verse of hoping that she will not be like this and tomorrow. But it doesn't make much of a difference. We cannot wish life for someone whose absence is the choice. It is not the truth we face. It is religious. What happened to this little girl? We have not heard anything from people who knew her closely.





Don't think of suicide as a distant feeling. Don't make it stupid or cruel. It's up to the owner. It is not a problem for the owner. It is like doing today what will happen tomorrow. Death of any kind has never been a problem for its owner. It will be a terrible regret for family, friends, parents, children, spouse.



What was Nazrawit's response when she posted on her Facebook page saying, "Sometimes . . . enough is enough" and "we better go"? "Don't worry, it will pass" we said to her? He does not touch her wounds. "It will pass" is a habit, not an answer. He won't return her hurt. He will not pull her out of where she has entered. It doesn't wake her up. Yes, it can pass; But it may not pass. What did the Nazarite say to whom? How many of us got to know her? I think this is our growing social problem. Not going to people and not letting people come to us. How many of us care about human life? How much do we know how the person next to us is living? What's bothering him, what's he enjoying? What is the problem in his life?



Know the man of your life; At least those close to you know it. No matter how strong you are, you do not have a life to change on your own. Let me share my grace with you (if you benefit). It's like I always go to someone. My life is at stake. It is visible. I talk about my worries to everyone around me. People know my failures, all the things I have tried and failed. My friends know my weakness from my strength. I have an open life. My secret door is always open. I don't get sick on my own.



For many of you, going to a psychologist is not a pleasant experience. There is something you say, "What happened to me?" At one point, I started feeling nauseous. It is not known to everyone. But I stopped working when I had to do a lot. I can feel the pain. The night without work became the dawn. I told him, "I have a bad feeling. I want to come to you and be seen by a psychologist." He was very happy as you said. I was assigned an expert and talked to me for about an hour or two one day. When we met on the second day, all my problems were removed and I found myself in a high working condition. I don't know what made this miracle happen. My problem was solved with just words. "Philismna 4" book, which started in two days and stopped after two days of professional discussion therapy, was completed less than 2 months ago.

By Tewodros

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