Peoples with longest body part


Peoples with longest body part.

Representatives of IGAD member countries held a discussion to approve the 5-year migration plan ****************** Representatives of East African Intergovernmental Development (IGAD) member countries held a discussion on migration management to approve the 5-year migration plan and sign the operating system document. The representatives of the member countries advised on the challenges and achievements of the activities carried out in the first phase. Today, the senior representatives of the member countries; The organization's migration plan to be implemented from 2024 to 2028 has been prepared and developed by the relevant members of the coalition. It is expected to be approved tomorrow. According to the Free Movement of People Protocol signed by the organization's member countries; A system has been designed to protect the rights of citizens displaced by man-made and natural disasters as well as various climate change disasters. It was announced that this action plan has been implemented at the Ethio-Kenya border crossing and the signing of the document is said to take place tomorrow. IGAD Director of Health and Social Development Fatiha Alwan said the issue of migrants is complex and requires a concerted effort from the whole world. Abraham Ayalew, Head of the Office of the National Cooperation Coalition at the Ministry of Justice; He mentioned that the Ethiopian government is working to manage the issue of migrants in a coordinated manner. Various activities are being carried out to establish a comprehensive and effective migration management system at the national level. A National Council led by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and a National Cooperation Alliance led by the Ministry of Justice have been established and are carrying out various activities. The National Alliance is working for partnership and cooperation by involving the relevant institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations according to the mandate and responsibility. In Wineshet Dejene

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