Top 5 Expensive Schools in Ethiopia


Most expensive schools in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. These schools offer possibly the highest quality education compared to most government and private schools. But their price is way too expensive for average Ethiopian family.


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Ethiopia | At that time, there was no alternative to medical treatment other than thinning or thinning hair.

But we now have a reliable solution to this problem. With the best scientific discovery: Innovative technology; You will find the best solution for your hair loss. Your hair will grow back! The beauty of yesterday will return.

Joey Hair Transplantation and Dermatology

In addition to hair transplants, skin and skin diseases; Madiat: It treats such as acne. It removes scars and scars on any part of the body and restores its natural beauty.

Our family caregivers are experienced in the field of hair transplants and dermatology in Turkey.

  Suppose the appearance of your hair is thinner and thinner…. After Joy's hair transplant treatment, you will find that your hair is back to normal and your face is full of smiles. By the way, if you want to do a hair transplant, please tell us about our long-term loan service.

Joey Hair Transplantation and Dermatology

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