Habesha blind date | Jone and Hosi


Habesha blind date John Daniel’s and Hosi.

Mayors of different cities said that they were happy with their stay in Dredawa.


    The discussion that was held for two days at the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure's Urban Revenue Reform Project office and the preparation of joint cooperation in Ethiopian cities, in which more than 80 mayors of various cities in Ethiopia, as well as the Minister of Urban and Infrastructure and the officials of the Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure, participated. .


    In yesterday's program, an experience exchange workshop focused on municipal revenue reform, implementation of urban planning, land management, legal cadastre, and cleanliness and beauty was held, and today, the reform works done by the land development and management office, as well as the huge civic center construction project, small and medium Various development projects carried out by the administration, including manufacturing sectors, were visited.


     The mayors of different cities who participated in this program said that they were able to gain many experiences in the forum of exchange of experiences and workshops in cities, urban land and cadastre, urban planning and monitoring, urban management and financial activities, municipal revenue collection and other related issues. He said that he was pleased with the existing development works and that it could be an experience for other cities.


    In particular, during their stay in the city, Mr. Harbi Buh, the Deputy Mayor of the Administration and Head of the Trade Industry and Investment Office, and the members of the Cabinet, as well as the residents, expressed their gratitude for the care and love shown to them.


He blossomed in Alemayehu.

Photo :- May he bloom in peace.

By Abi Shimels

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