Fani and Samri on Ethiopia vs German


Fani and Samri lived in German for along time and they got married in German. Now they are back to Ethiopia for a break. They already bought a house and they are planning to return to Ethiopia after some time.

Let's wait for Mukhtar Adris's hat-trick or Salomon Baragan's 10,000 meters compensation gold!


(Abu Taybele from Oregon, USA)


#Ethiopia At 11:30 AM Ethiopian time on Tuesday, Ethiopia was represented in the men's 1500 meters final by Tadese Lemi.


We can consider this competition as a break and the eve of victory, because compared to the past and future days, this day is the day when Ethiopia will have one competition with one athlete.

By the way, he competed for Tadese Mi and finished 8th.


Not forgetting Tade's competition, my attention rested on the men's 5000 meters on the closing day of the competition (this coming Sunday).

Tonight, as I focus on athlete Mukhtar Idris, my inner self is repeatedly telling me to expect another miracle this year, considering the unexpected adventures Mukhtar has done in the past.


In the 2017 London World Championship, after defeating the Englishman Mo' Farah, who is said to be unbeaten by any athlete, in the 5000 meter distance in front of his own track and his fans, he decided his own chances without his name being mentioned in the selection of athletes, which is on the agenda every two years. The hero who came, considering his fight in the 2019 Qatar World Championship, I am forced to expect a lot from him this year.


Let me mention a little bit of what I remember from the Doha World Championships. Among the athletes who represented Ethiopia in the men's 5000m at that time, when I and a few journalists from the field discussed the reasons, gold was won by the Olympic champion Salomon Barge; Apart from Salomon, we were waiting for our shadow power. Our reasons were on the one hand because the athletes you mentioned were in the best position and waiting for results, and on the other hand, because Mukhtar was saying at the time, "I wanted to take advantage of my chance to line up without a minimum, but I was a fool." What about this year? No wonder! It's the same.


Mukhtar Adris, being the past champion of the championship, came to Oregon, Oregon to compete at a distance (qualifying and final) without waiting for anyone's permission or recruitment. Last night, Monday night, I met him in the restaurant where we were having dinner on the night of the victory. Mukhtar, you are welcome, next gold, I have already seen it on your neck." Before we parted, he just said, "The Creator knows." As I was heading to my dormitory, I remembered our exchange of words.


And we are seeing that even though Mukhtar has been talking about having a mild illness this year, he is not giving it badly. His self-confidence is still there. He is not far away from the distance of 5000 meters. London, 2019 Qatar, now 2022 and Corrigan)


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