When Śeifu Fantahun visited Asfaw at hospital


When Śeifu Fantahun visited Asfaw at hospital .

Gondar: Debre-Birhan Holy Trinity Church


#Ethiopia This church is called Gonder Debre-Birhan Holy Trinity. It is one of the greatest artefacts in the world. Debrebrahan Selase is a father and son who were great kings in Ethiopia in the 17th and 18th centuries. Emperor David and Adiyam Seged Yeasu enriched their time in Kine Hnpa.


 In Debre Berhan Selasi, the ceiling and walls are all paintings. African Ethiopian pictures. They gave Jesus Christ an Ethiopian appearance. His mother Maryam has an Ethiopian tattoo. And she spins. Angels are seen with heads and wings. Angels armed with swords guard Ethiopia. The pictures are still there today, shining like forever. The colors are peeled off with garlic and egg white liquid. And they shine.


 Painters call them First Gonderian Art and Second Gonderian Art and teach them in art schools around the world.


Their story never ends. Among the achievements of the human mind and spirit that make me very proud of my country's history, the most important is Debrebrhan Trinity - Gondar.


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