Helina Drama Part 1 New Ethiopian dram


Helina Drama Part 1

"The mission of religious institutions is without borders" - Reverend Taghai Thadel



The Second International Conference of Religious Institutions is being held in Addis Ababa under the theme "Cooperation of religious institutions for peace, human dignity, development and environmental protection, as well as to oppose hate speech, conflict and nationalism".


The General Secretary of the Assembly of Religious Institutions of Ethiopia, Teguhan Ksis Tagai Tadel, who spoke at the conference; They said that the mission of religious institutions is borderless.


He said that the conference was designed to strengthen the cooperation of the world's religious institutions in view of the International Golden Rule Day, which is planned for the first month of February.


Tagay Thadeil, the great zealous priest, who pointed out that religious institutions are without boundaries. He said that we will oppose unfairness by exchanging useful and practical experiences at the conference.


He also stated that controlling injustice, injustice and inhumanity by binding all human beings as one family is one of the goals of the conference.


Reverend Tagai Tadel recalled that the first conference focused on national and international issues, and focused on sustainable peace, environmental protection, and religious freedom.


He also said that he was able to make the union a permanent member of the Group of 20, which was one of the points that were kept as a plan in the previous conference.


He also stated that the conference will make significant contributions to show the tourism profile of Ethiopia, which is diverse in many nations, religions and beliefs and was built in the early days.


Religious leaders, senior government officials, ambassadors, representatives of African and international organizations attended the conference.


He was surrounded by Afomia and saved by Nardos

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