Sam and Liha wedding ceremony full video


Sam and Liha full wedding video.

"We will continue to strengthen the work we have started to raise the generation with ethics and to produce citizens who take care of the country."

- Religious leaders


#Ethiopia The religious leaders said that they will continue to strengthen the work they have started in order to raise the next generation with ethics.


He pointed out that all educational institutions should take responsibility for their good role of building the next generation.


Pagumen's 5th birthday is being celebrated with various events under the guiding principle of "Ethiopia the sum of generations".


Religious leaders gave their opinion to ESA about how to educate the generation with moral values.


According to the General Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and the Archbishop of New York and the surrounding area, Bezue Abune Petros said; The church is working to encourage children to grow up to be good citizens with morals.


He explained that the creation of a patriotic and good citizen is not only the work of the government, but the church works together. He also stated that religious leaders will play their part in building and building the next generation.


He gave his fatherly advice that the society should do its part so that children grow up blessed.


Sheikh Hussain Bashir, Secretary General of the High Council of Islamic Affairs in Addis Ababa; "A country is the result of the sum of generations," he said.


He pointed out that the role of religious leaders is high so that the generation hates system. He said that the religious leaders of Islam will continue to strengthen their efforts to contribute good citizens to the country.


On his part, Father Daniel Haso, head of the education department of the General Office of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia; They stated that the teaching of the church gives priority to the building of the next generation.


Father Daniel said that the church has a mandatory guide for believers to raise their children morally. They mentioned that the devotees will respect the order and make efforts for its implementation.


He said that by this, efforts are being made to produce children and youths with good character who will benefit the society and their country.


The president of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Jesus said that the work of teaching spiritual education is being done for the building of human beings divided by age.


She said that schools should focus on practical education to strengthen their role in building generations.


This year's Pagumen days; Pagumen 1 is the day of service, Pagumen 2 is the day of sacrifice, Pagumen 3 is the day of virtue, Pagumen is the day of production, Pagumen is the day of birth, and Pagumen is the day of solidarity.

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