Salaseb titeshegn- Helena drama sound track


This is the sound track used on Helena drama which is presented by Salkan.

the key members of the crew are engdasew and Fenan.

It has been announced that Ethiopia has started taking policy measures to create a favorable environment for start-ups, starting with the provision of finance.



Ethiopian Capital Market Authority Executive Director Brock Taye (Dr.) said that Ethiopia has started to take strong policy measures that create a favorable environment for start-ups and implement them in cooperation with stakeholders.


A discussion forum focused on issues where startups in Ethiopia can get funding was held at the Science Museum in the presence of government officials, international development partners and other stakeholders.


Brooke Taye (Dr.) said at the same time that the government is working to address the problems faced by start-ups in a coordinated manner.


He explained to the development partners that Ethiopia has started taking strong policy measures in terms of financial provision, law, infrastructure and other issues to create a favorable environment for start-ups.


He pointed out that the government will work in cooperation with development partners, the private sector and other stakeholders to strengthen this.


He pointed out that starting from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) great attention has been paid to the effectiveness of start-ups and explained that discussions are being held to solve problems.


Gezashew Sisay, the leader of the Ethiopian team for inclusive growth and sustainable development in the United Nations Development Program, said that we are working in cooperation with the government to solve the problems faced by start-ups due to lack of finance, ESA reported.


He said that the government's development program, together with the National Bank and the Ethiopian Capital Market Authority, has developed innovative financing systems.

With this, they said, technical support and loans will be provided to start-ups.


Marlon Rawlins, representative of the World Bank, said that the bank is supporting various development and poverty alleviation programs in Ethiopia.


He mentioned that he will continue to support the development journey that the country has started, and he said that he will provide technical support to expand the favorable environment for start-ups especially in Ethiopia.


He pointed out that the bank follows a comprehensive support approach, including advising start-ups and providing feedback on their projects to encourage job creation.


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