Lijes Episode 1 - New Ethiopian drama on kana Tv



Lijes Episode 1 - New Ethiopian drama on kana Tv

It was decided to withdraw Mr. Abnet Sheikh Mohammed from the case he founded to remove him as a shareholder of Bole Towers.


Ato Abnet has also included in his response that he (Sheikh Muhammad) has taken 14,000,000 Birr and 35 million Birr from an organization called Addis Park (Millennium Hall and other organizations) by claiming that he (Sheikh Muhammad) will pay him 25,000 dollars salary every month using a fake document.


He explained that it is not appropriate to ask for the dissolution of a trade association of national importance due to a dispute between stakeholders. If Mr. Abnet does not want to continue with the association, he explained that there is no legal or practical reason for the defendant (Sheikh Mohammed) to leave or for the association to be dissolved, except for those who "relinquish their shareholding or sell it".


The court, which looked at the case and response presented by the plaintiff (Mr. Abnet) and the defendant (Sheikh Mohammed) in detail, said, "Is there a strong disagreement between the plaintiff and the defendants or not? If there is, is the disagreement preventing the association from achieving its goals or not? Is there a legal reason for Sheikh Mohammed to leave the association or not? Should the association be dissolved or not? Or did they not? And if they are said to have committed crimes, is there a legal reason for them (Mr. Abnet) to be expelled from the association or not? The judicial analysis shows that he examined the case with the following themes.


The court brought two witnesses of the plaintiff (Mr. Abnet) to testify, stating that the construction of Bole Tower "A" was 75% completed, the other construction was stopped, that Mr. Abnet was monitoring and that the construction money was being spent from the association and himself, and that they were making other payments, by the two stakeholders. The court documents explain that they testified that they did not know the reason for the disagreement.


Does the court have a "strong" disagreement between the plaintiff and the defendant or not? Should the association be dissolved or not? When examining that, the first question is whether or not there is a serious dispute between the members of the association, according to the provisions of Article 181 and Article 531 of the Commercial Code, as well as the mandatory legal interpretation given by the bankruptcy court in case number 153981. Therefore, he said, "There is a strong misunderstanding" and the issues mentioned by Mr. Abnet and the detailed proceedings of the dispute or lawsuits, he said that he has come to the conclusion that there is a strong misunderstanding between the members of the association.


He also explained that since the case is mainly between Mr. Abnet and Sheikh Mohammed, if the charges and arguments presented are accepted by the courts, they will benefit the association and not harm it. Sheikh Mohammed's filing a case against Mr. Abnet does not mean that there is a strong disagreement among the members of the association. Is it interfering with the purpose of the association or not? As to whether, the court ruled that there was no strong dispute and missed the point.


When examining whether there is a legal basis or substance to remove Sheikh Mohammed from the membership of the association, he found that there was no "sufficient reason" in terms of the above-mentioned laws and mandatory legal interpretations, and because there was no "strong disagreement" in the above verdict, Mr. Abnet rejected Sheikh Mohammed's request to withdraw from membership. He did it.


According to the provisions of Article 498 of the Commercial Code, the court did not accept the lawsuit filed by each other to withdraw from the association or to dissolve the association.


Bole Tower Limited Liability Company should not be dissolved, regarding whether the plaintiff (Mr. Abnet) or the defendant (Sheikh Mohammed) should continue as a member of the company. In light of the alleged offenses committed while working as a manager, as well as the state of the association's articles of incorporation and bylaws, he ruled that it would be better if the plaintiff (Mr. Abnet) were dismissed from membership in order for the association to achieve its purpose. Having said that, he also explained that if there is a sufficient and legal reason for the resignation (Mr. Abnet), they should be protected by law.


As explained in the case of Mr. Abnet by the defendant (Sheikh Mohammed), the court analyzed and submitted that there is no evidence of the defendant's (Sheikh Mohammed) wrongdoing in terms of the offenses he committed while leading the company as a manager.


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