The bridegroom disappeared on his wedding


The bridegroom disappeared on his wedding.

We celebrate this birthday at a time when our troubles are coming to an end, our problems are being solved, and the source of our sorrows is drying up. It is a holiday that many dread.

The birth of Christ is the beginning of a new era of hope. The good news is that the tribulation is over, that the tribulation is coming to an end, that darkness has overtaken it, and that the bondage of sin is at hand. The year before our Lord Jesus Christ was born was a new year. Those days in which man was cast out of heaven because of the transgression of the Creator's command and the forbidden, were filled with utter darkness. When the time came for Christ to be born in Bethlehem, the time of judgment was changed to atonement and was called the Age of Mercy.

Mankind's poverty began with conception, birth, and crucifixion; It ended with the resurrection. Each chapter was filled with trials and tribulations. The birth of Christ did not mean that everything was over, but that it was a time of mercy. Until the day of the crucifixion, when Adam was delivered from the bondage of the devil, from the yoke of sin, he faced many difficulties along the way. Herod's decree was death, persecution, oppression, famine, and thirst.

It was not a stone unturned that unleashed by our enemy, the Devil, from the beginning of his incarnation to the time of his crucifixion, in order to cut off Adam from his Creator. He has sent his armies to prevent many from taking a stand for the truth. He falsely accused them of defaming Christ. He warned his followers not to turn to Christ. Leave those who have come to Christ and leave. They even robbed the apostles. The enemies of the Romans, along with the Jews of the Banda, persecuted Christ.

Ethiopia's enemies have also struggled for years to undermine our hopes of being born. They tried to abort him during his pregnancy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know that he was born. They were baptizing conflicts, displacing people, displacing innocent people, torturing and killing innocent people, young and old.

Our suffering is so great that it seems that the time of salvation for our country does not come. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Lindu united us, They swore to go down to hell to destroy our country. Ethiopia has come through all these hardships. The pregnant fetus is born and grows. As Ethiopia builds bridges with arrows, nothing can stop it from fulfilling its promise.

My dear friends,

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