Wintaya “here we go” moment


Wintaya here we go moment on social media.

Wintaya is a famous name after her recent interview on Ebs television. She was supposed to be one of those celebs in the making and she used the opportunity really well.


The football stadium of Arraso city was inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Mustafe Muhammad


#Ethiopia The football stadium of Arraso city in Jerer Zone of Somali region was inaugurated and put into use in the presence of the head of state, Mr. Mustafa Muhammad.


Somali Development Association Manager Ato Kebdid Abdi and the leaders of Jerer Zone inaugurated the football stadium of Araso city, which was completed within four months and ready for use.


The construction of the stadium was mentioned by the head of the Somali Region, Mr. Mustafa Muhammed, who promised to build a football stadium for Araso city when he won the football tournament organized by Jerer Zone of Araso District.


The Head of Somali Region Mustafa Muhammed and the Head of the Regional Head's Office, Dr. Hussain Hashi, attended the football match between two teams at Arraso Stadium.


Football players of Arraso district thanked the head of the region for making the Arraso district football stadium ready for use.


The regional media reported that the stadium, which was ready for use today, will help to increase football activities in Arasso district.


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