Kuzi Guni episode 165 - Kana Television Drama


Kuzi Guni episode 165 - Kana Television Drama.

April 18, 2024: the news of the day


• Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr. Tsedu) announced today a new task and movement to create Ethiopia. He explained that this initiative is to build toilets in a modern way to make the community's cleaning culture respectable.


• Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) said that the important support provided by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in various fields has a high contribution to the development of Ethiopia. He said that the important support given by the Bill and Gates Foundation in agriculture, health, food system, inclusive financial system and other sectors has a high contribution to the development of Ethiopia.


• The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Ethiopia is working to become a member of the New Development Bank, a BRICS bank. Ato Nebyu Tedla explained in his statement that Ethiopia became a member of BRICS to achieve its national interests and needs. He stated that an Ethiopian delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs participated in the consultation of the BRICS member countries held in Moscow, Russia.


• Mayor Adanech Abebe stated that a system for hearing complaints from citizens affected by the corridor development in Addis Ababa city, a task force that follows up and resolves complaints and provides close monitoring has been established. Addis Ababa City Council is holding its 3rd regular meeting of its 3rd year of office. During the meeting, the 1 month and 15 day performance report of the corridor development in the city was presented by Mayor Adanech Abebe.


• Addis Ababa City Council has approved an additional budget of 21.74 billion birr in its 3rd regular meeting in its 3rd year of operation. Head of Addis Ababa City Finance Bureau, Abdulkadir Redwan; He stated that in the last nine months, he was able to collect about 108 billion birr from direct tax, indirect tax services and other sectors.


• Amhara Region Head of Government Mr. Arega Kebede and Minister of Irrigation and Lowland Areas, Engineer Aisha Mohamed, other federal and regional senior leadership members visited the investment and development activities taking place in Gondar city. It has been stated that various construction projects are underway in the city with a budget of 1.8 billion birr to answer the public's demand for development.

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