Millionaire Beshatu Tolemariam


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In order to strengthen people-to-people ties, a discussion was held with government leaders, various religious fathers, elders, youths and residents of Gulele Sub-city and neighboring Sheger City Administration, Akaku Mene Abichu, who were working together to maintain peace and development.


 They confirmed that Gulele sub-district and Sheger city administration will work together to celebrate the baptism of Addis Ababa, which has a beautiful and special feature of cooperation and support, and preserves its religious values ​​and cultural traditions.


Mayor Adanech Abebe, who spoke at the meeting, said that our multi-lingual and multi-religious city, which is a public holiday, should be celebrated together while preserving its values ​​and traditions.


Mayor Adanech said that the anti-peace force that wants to entrench in Addis Ababa has not been able to achieve its goal because the resident does not give it space.


The Chief Executive Officer of Gulele Sub-city, Mr. Tesfaye Omega, said that Gulele Sub-city and Sheger City Administration are working together to celebrate the festival in peace and splendor.


The residents of Gulele sub-city and Sheger city administration, who participated in the discussion, said that we are the guardians of our peace and we will not give the opportunity to those who are plotting various acts of destruction to prevent the celebration of baptism.


The participants said that peace is important for entering and exiting.


 The secret of our unity is that we can solve our problems through dialogue, he said.


Issues related to development activities, job creation, peace and security were raised and discussed by the participants.



  • Daniel Leta

    ሁለት ነገሮች:
    1) ሞት መዉጊያዉ ተሰብሮአል። ወደጌታ ነይና ከዚህ ፍርሃት ተላቀቂ። ኢየሱስ ይወድሻል ሞቶልሻል።
    2) የሬሳ ሳጥን ዉስጥ ገብተሽ እንድታይዉ ያረገሽ 100% ሰይጣን ነዉ። የሞት መንፈስ ነዉ። ይኼን ማምለጥ እምትችይዉ በጌታ በኢየሱስ ካመንሽ ብቻ ነዉ። ቶሎ አምልጪ!

  • Winta

    Lanchi inen chenekegn. Besimeab

  • Dere

    ኢየሱስ ያመነ ስለ ሕይወት እንጅ ስለ ሞት አያሳስበውም፤፤
    “ለእኔ ሕይወት ክርስቶስ፥ ሞትም ጥቅም ነውና።”
    — ፊልጵስዩስ 1፥21

  • Kira Unknouwn Diamond

    አይ ሰው ሲጨልል እሚሆነው እና እሚያህል ደርገውን አያቅም ለካ????

  • ሠለሞን

    ከብት ለየልሽ አንቺም

  • Yo

    የጅል የኦሮሞ ቀልድ