Addis Ababa city administration discussed various issues and passed decisions


Addis Ababa city administration discussed various issues and passed decisions



The Addis Ababa City Administration Cabinet held its 5th regular meeting of the 3rd year and passed the decision on the following issues.


It is recalled that the executive body of the administration during the annual work review of 2015 identified the institutions and organizations that need to be reformed to provide better services and set the direction for a reform study.


According to this, Addis Ababa city administration made various decisions in its regular meeting, the mayor of the city Adanech Abebe announced.




1st. Since the number of labor force seen at the center level is not proportional to the income generated by the city and the services it provides to the society; To distribute the employee to districts and institutions that have a high workload and to make these institutions to apply professional and required skills in consideration.


2nd. If they are outsourced to a 3rd party at the expense of the government, they should work with a 3rd party in the services identified by the study as bringing good and desirable results and make adequate preparations regarding the process, and a plan for the transition process should be prepared and led by strong work discipline to avoid management problems;


3rd. The research, procedure and organization of institutions that were studied and reformed and reorganized in a new form were presented and discussed by the professional committee. It passed a resolution to be submitted to the Council after reviewing and examining the proposed amendments.


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