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A panel discussion focused on the sea gate is being held at Medo Wallabu University


Addis Ababa, April 15, 2016 (FBC) A panel discussion focused on the sea gate with the theme "Sea exit and Ethiopia" is being held at Medo Walabu University.


Scholars, Abagades, Hade Sinike and other stakeholders are participating in the forum.


During the panel discussion, the vice president of the university's academic affairs, his brother Zabh (Dr.), stated that the university is carrying out research-supported activities on national issues in addition to teaching.


He mentioned that he will work with focus on matters that can protect the interests of the country. He pointed out that the works focusing on the fair use of the Ethiopian sea gate are the main ones.


Remember that Ethiopia was pushed away from the benefits of the sea by a historical event; He said that this incident has kept the country poor and not competitive on the world stage.


He also pointed out that it is a fair question to ask for access to the sea gate in accordance with international law.


He said that Dewalabu University is working to fulfill its national responsibility to support research in order to explain these fair questions to the world.


Mohammad Jamal (Dr.), a researcher of the university who submitted the original research paper for the panel discussion, said that the current realities of the world and the region force Ethiopia to have an exit to the sea.


He stated that there is a need to ensure sustainable use of the sea gate through all peaceful options; He emphasized that academics and higher education institutions must play their part for this success.


By Yedanekeh H/Maryam

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