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Nile Basin countries urged to sign cooperation framework for equitable use of transboundary rivers


Addis Ababa, April 14, 2016 (FBC) The Nile Basin Initiative called on the Nile Basin countries to sign and ratify the cooperation framework for the full implementation of a sustainable and fair use system for transboundary rivers.


The Nile Basin Initiative is holding a two-day consultation forum with stakeholders in Addis Ababa.


Florence Adongo (Dr.), Director General of the Nile Basin Initiative, said at this time that the initiative is working with the aim of ensuring the economic growth and benefit of the society by jointly cultivating the blessings of the basin.


They stated that the 25-year-old Nile Basin Initiative has carried out activities focused on the cooperative development of transboundary rivers, management of water resources and utilization of water resources development.


In the past years, the initiative has activated water-related investments that improve people's lives through energy linkages, water resources management, capacity building and strategic programs.


They pointed out that we should work together as a country and as a river basin to overcome the challenges of peace and security, water security, energy, environmental protection, and food security.


They called on the member states that have not signed the cooperation framework reached in 2010 to transfer the Nile Basin Initiative to the Nile Basin Commission regional institution and to guide the sustainable and fair use of water in the transboundary rivers.


ESA reports that the Minister of State for Water and Energy, Abraham Adugna (Dr.) mentioned that the initiative has brought tangible change despite the challenges.


He stated that Ethiopia is connecting with neighboring countries in the energy sector and affirmed that it is committed to implementing projects that ensure mutual benefit on transboundary rivers.


The Minister of State pointed out that Ethiopia will work hard to achieve fair and mutual benefit in the riparian countries, but so far, even though there has been compromise, it has not been a proper user of its water resources.

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