Mebreq episode 47 - Kana Television Drama


Mebreq episode 47 - Kana Television Drama

Ethiopia is working hard to reduce the risk it is facing due to climate change - PM Abiy (Dr.)


Addis Ababa, April 21, 2016 (FBC) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) stated that Ethiopia is working hard to reduce the risk it is facing due to climate change.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) delivered a speech at the International Development Association (IDA) Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya.


In his speech, the Prime Minister mentioned that the Horn of Africa is especially threatened by various disasters caused by climate change.


 They realized that Ethiopia is working to reduce these risks by giving great attention to the Green Footprint program.


He said that Ethiopia is focusing on redeveloping forests, strengthening green development, and strengthening environmental protection.


He stated that it is everyone's responsibility to create a comfortable living environment.


In addition, the Prime Minister, who mentioned that the government is working for the stability of the macro-economy, cited structural economic reforms in Ethiopia as an example.


He stated that 10-year development plans are being designed and implemented in agriculture, investment, manufacturing, tourism and other development sectors to encourage job creation in the country and realize sustainable economic growth.


ESA also reported that they cited the transformation works and results that are being done in the fields of education, digitalization and energy supply as an example.


The prime minister who stressed that reconciliation and consultation should be prioritized in the region, also mentioned the work done by the Ethiopian Consultation Commission since its establishment to make reconciliation and consultation a reality in the country.

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