Kuzi Guni episode 169 - Kana Television drama


Kuzi Guni episode 169 - Kana Television drama.

South Africa's Kembata Zone Indigenous Peoples Association has demonstrated its love for the country at various times - Ambassador Mukhtar Keder



The Kembata Zone Indigenous People's Association, who have settled in South Africa, celebrated the fourth Development and Ethiopia Day.


It has been more than 30 years since the establishment of Kembata Development Association. The association is known for being an active participant in various development activities in Ethiopia.


The development association held a special country development and fundraising forum in Newcastle, South Africa.


The Ambassador of Ethiopia to South Africa and neighboring countries, Mukhtar Keder (Dr.), who was present at the forum, said that the association has demonstrated the love of the country in practice at various times.


The ambassador recalled that the association is known for its quick response and great support to national calls made at various times, including the Renaissance Dam.


Ambassador Mukhtar stated that the solution to the country's problems lies in the hands of every citizen. He expressed great appreciation and gratitude to the Ethiopians in South Africa and the surrounding area who are always doing this important work.


In his speech at the program, the Governor of the Central Ethiopia Region, Mr. Anteneh Fikadu, stated that the problem of education, health and infrastructure in the region is a serious challenge.


He announced that the role of Ethiopians living abroad is greater in the movement to overcome this problem. In this regard, he said, the contribution of Ethiopians living in South Africa to the development of their country is exemplary.


David Legese (Dr.), Chief Administrator of Kembata Zone, announced that the zone will provide great assistance and cooperation to the investment participation of Ethiopians living in South Africa.


In particular, he expressed his belief that if the Ethiopians gather and organize their resources and work together on major projects in the zone, they can achieve great results for the country.


Kembata representative in the House of Representatives and Dr. Brock Lamiso, a professor and doctor of orthopedics at the Black Lion Specialized Hospital, attended the event and delivered inspiring messages.


More than 7.5 million Birr was collected for the development work of the zone through the revenue collection program; It is committed to continuously support the development of the zone by raising additional funds through similar forums in the future.


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