Kuzi Guni episode 170 Kana Television Drama


Kuzi Guni episode 170 Kana Television Drama

The Ministry of Agriculture's Sustainable Land Management Program 2 launch schedule was held


Addis Ababa, April 21, 2016 (FBC) The launch schedule of the Sustainable Land Management Program 2 of the Ministry of Agriculture was held today in the presence of federal and regional officials.


It is stated that the program will be implemented with the financial support of the Global Climate Fund (GCF) with 165 million dollars by Jet, facilitated by the World Bank.


The five-year budget is 165 million US dollars, of which 107 million dollars is a long-term loan and 58 million dollars is said to be development support.


At the same time, Minister of Agriculture Girma Amente (Dr.) said that the associated problems caused by climate change can only be dealt with when a green economy is built that is invulnerable to climate change.


He pointed out that one of the areas that have received attention in the new agriculture and rural development policy is the sustainable use of land, forests and natural resources.


He also stated that by ensuring agricultural productivity and competitiveness, the sector should play a significant role in the national economic structural transition and food and nutrition security.


It is stated that the program will directly benefit 706 thousand 133 communities by implementing sustainable land management programs in 9 regions and 47 districts in the next 5 years.


The Ministry's information indicated that the project announced today will be approved and implemented by the government, World Bank, GCF and other development partners.

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