Fani Samri trip to Ethiopia


Fani and Samri are famous Ethiopian YouTubers who live in Germany.

Harar City Crossing Youth Volunteer Service 2014 launched



In Harar, the 2014 Cross-Border Youth Volunteer Service Launch Program was held under the theme “Virtue for the Heights of Ethiopia”.


The program was officially launched in the presence of Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, Minister of Women and Social Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ordin Bedri, Chief of the Harari Regional State, and other senior officials of the region.


Minister of Women and Social Affairs, Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, said cross-border youth volunteerism is a way for young people to share their knowledge, attitudes and energy with the community in which they live, and to regain their skills, experience and culture.


He said the service will provide strong support to 19 million youths in seven regions and two city administrations.


The Chief of Harari State, Ordin, said a number of activities have been carried out during the past summer volunteer service programs to alleviate the economic and social problems of the community.


He noted that cross-border youth volunteerism is a way for young people to solve social problems in a practical way.


Harari State Women, Children and Youth Bureau Deputy Head, W / ro Meftuha Ali, on her part said various activities will be carried out using the full potential of the region this summer.


Cross-border youth volunteer service has officially started with the planting of seedlings under the green fingerprint program.


In 2013, the summer volunteer and cross-border youth volunteer service reached more than 38 million people with the participation of more than 21 million youths, saving about 10 billion birr.


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