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Kana Television series dubbed in Amharic.

Complaints related to immigration and citizenship services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are being resolved.


Addis Ababa, April 14, 2016 (FBC) Community members, representatives and leaders said that previous complaints about immigration and citizenship services being provided in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are being resolved.


A delegation led by the Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Daufit Dawit, reviewed the status of citizenship services provided by the missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and discussed with the mission leaders and community representatives.


Although the response given by the missions to the citizens' questions regarding passport renewal and related services during the discussion is admirable; It has been requested to solve the service delivery problems associated with travel documents and visas.


In addition, information exchange gaps, false identification, travel documents (Lice Passe), the proliferation of Internet fraudsters, and gaps with citizenship services were also pointed out.


Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Ms. Dawiit Dawit said that the agency has formulated 11 reform agendas and put them into operation.


He also stated that when the reform work is fully completed, it will be possible to solve the problems observed in the sector.


He stressed that work with undocumented and citizenship services is closely related to national security and should be done carefully and according to the law.


The Director General said that during the delegation's visit, he saw that the following procedure should be adopted as an experiment in using the technology of the Dubai Mission.

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