Teddy afro - Tekeber Betachn - New Ethiopia Music 2023 (Official Video)


 Teddy afro - Tekeber Betachn - New Ethiopia Music 2023 (Official Video)

Leave even the religion!


#Ethiopia For those who have nothing left in the world except toil; For those who struggle hard to overcome their daily life; For those who spend their time just to fulfill the basic things; If he is upset, if he is sad, if he is led, for this poor people who have no comfort on earth... when his heart is cold; When his gut says he can't do it, they even leave him a religion that he can console himself with.


For those who go through many hardships; Every kind of misery under the sun rained upon him; The one who pleads that he has, the one who despises this world; How can they not abandon his faith, which is the reason for him to patiently endure the earthly justice he has been accused of?


As a people, he was displaced from his homeland, exiled by his language, tortured by his body, a man who knows nothing about the history of his ancestors; As a compensation for his absence, he was condemned to live in hostility. This is a tares sown among the nations. In the political world, this weed has spread by serving as a great power tool.


But religion is a fire that should not be touched. Religion is not an earthly fire to play with. It is the fire of divinity for those who believe. If you try to take him out of the brief and into the unholy political arena, you are the one who needs priority. Religion has united the people and kept them together so that the country can continue as a country.


It is religion that has served as a "moral compass" by instilling morality so that God will not be lost from his generation. If a person whose conscience is blinded by hatred comes to kill you, at least "By God, by the Lord, by Mary, by your God, by Waqa... only by the one who created you!" You call it. It was not because we had civilized law and order that we lived with respect as a nation. Rather, it was because we felt united through the God who created us. Even though we have a history of civilization as a nation, the crises we have dealt with recently and the news we have heard have left us with a long way to go. They say that we are not as educated as we think we are. Our education, health, justice... systems are full of brokenness. We don't know what to trust and what to destroy.


He who is stuck with hunger and his stomach is itching until he tears it, who is tired and supported by the golden houses of Piasa without theft. But the people who eat it go as far as eating their leader.


What will you unite the people who have taken away the unity of religion? Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the time will come when it will be clearly preached that the God of your region has no fellowship with the God of your region. Weakening the unity of religion (even silently watching it weaken) is like opening the door to an outmoded secularism, homosexuality... and all the diseases and chaos of the nominal civilization that Europe is suffering from. In the rest of the world, the great cathedrals that used to be sacred have become pubs and nightclubs.


For all of you who were baptized to be united with Christ in Christianity have put on Christ.

There is no Jew or Greek, there is no slave or free man, there is no brother or sister; We are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:27-28) There is no one who Christ did not reconcile with his death. Every day, the prayer "Our Father"


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