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Mayor Adanech Abebe laid the foundation stone for the construction of "Mohammed Iya" village, which will be built at a cost of 50 billion Birr in Huda Real Estate, Mikhare Meda by Midrock Ethiopia Investment Group.


Mayor Adenech Abebe laid the foundation stone today for the construction of "Mohammed Iya Village" residential village, which will be built by Midrock Ethiopia Investment Group on 250 thousand square meters of land at the cost of 50 billion birr.


Senior officials of the federal and Addis Ababa city administrations, including Deputy Mayor Jantarar Abay, CEO of Midrock Investment Group, Jamal Ahmed, were present at the project and expressed their determination to start and finish the project together.


Mayor Adanech Abebe said when he laid the foundation stone for the construction of the residential village that the project will contribute to the modernization of our city and the creation of vast job opportunities.


Mayor Adanech said that the project is a huge residential village construction project that is equal to building another small town in Addis Ababa.


General development work cannot be done by the government alone, said Mayor Adanech, as the private sector takes the lion's share, so it should do additional activities in the overall national development work at the required level.


"I have full faith that Midrock Ethiopia Investment will take the experience of the project implementation in Ethiopia and complete this huge project on schedule and bring it to fruition," said the mayor.

As the day is the day of unity, our unity is a sign of our strength and victory that transcends the ages, so we should protect it firmly, said the mayor.


CEO of Midrock Ethiopia Investment Group, Mr. Jamal Ahmed, said in his presentation that the project is considered to be another small city in Addis Ababa, and it is worthy of the civilization and technology that the world has reached.


The mayor of the city administration, Ms. Adanech, said that they have been supporting us since the beginning of the project and that they are among us today to lay the foundation stone.


Ato Mohamed added that the project being built by Midrock Ethiopia Investment Group is a huge residential village project designed and built entirely by Ethiopians.


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