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Ethiopian Kid who died due to accident buried today - ETV news


Ethiopian Kid who died due to accident buried today - ETV news

Yegna.me is The Latest Ethiopian media and entertainment Provider. It is among the leading sites in Ethiopia interms of providing Ethiopians with multidimensional access to the entertainment and information that matters to you. Yegna.me is a non-political source for videos of Ethiopian news, dramas, and music. The news, dramas, and entertainment presented on Yegna.me come from a wide variety of sources. 

Yegna.me has particularly proven its value when it comes to keeping the worldwide Ethiopian Diaspora connected to their home country. In many parts of the world Ethiopians do not have direct access to Ethiopian news and entertainment, therefore, Yegna.me becomes their primary source for these. For this reason Yegna.me is The Best Ethiopian websites on the internet.

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OnEthio is a gateway to the information needs of all Ethiopians. This is special to those living abroad and do not have direct access to broadcast media in the country. In such a situation OnEthio can help as a better solution to get all the important information about their beloved country. There a lot of areas we are covering daily. Some contents focus on the daily sensitive and hot news. Continuous Television dramas are one of the engagement mechanisms when you come to us. Almost all Amharic dramas are covered here, which may be accessible only to local viewers. We have been supporting our nations where ever they are by presenting fast, genuine and detailed contents.
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